Strap replacement never arrived

Marcin K
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Hi, I bought my Runner Cardio Music 3 watch on November and after 4 months there was a crack on the strap. I was worried that the strap could break completely and hence I stopped using the watch (which is too expensive to risk dropping it). I contacted customer service as I had learned that all TomTom straps tend to break and company replaces them. It was on April 4th. I got verified and was informed that the strap was on its way. Sadly it never arrived. I called customer service 2 days ago and they promised to investigate the problem and inform me via email. I didn't get any message. The experience has been awful so far which is surprising for a company selling luxury equipment. Please let me know what to do to be able to use my watch again.


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    Hi Marcin,

    most straps are sent by UPS (depending on location and the strap), so you should have a check if they have a tracking number for you.

    Like any delivery company, something might have gone wrong.
    I would suggest calling them again to have a lookup on what's happened.

    With regards

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    I didn't receive tracking number from TomTom , I just received a blank form which should contain the tracking number and they closed the case. It seems to be that the strap was never sent.