TomTom Home Application Shows Live Services for £0.55 yet Invoice Shows £55

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I was looking at updating the SD Card of my Lexus CT TomTom Navi using the TomTom Home Software on my home PC. The Live Services option was showing 12 months Pre- Paid for £0.55. I thought that's quite a bargain and so I opted to purchase it. However when the email came through the price had turned into £55! That's quite a difference in price. Has anyone else experienced this?
ec5cdecb-c520-4b82-938a-af20bef3366d.jpgSurely this must be a mistake in the software, I'll be asking for a refund first thing tomorrow.


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    You honestly think that you will get Live Services on your Lexus for under 5p per month?:rofl:

    £55.00 would be realistic and 55p is obviously a pricing issue, so obvious that you have difficulty under any legislation to force TomTom to supply at that pice.