Holland via Harwich with Start 25

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I'm driving to Holland next week via the Harwich Ferry but my route planner doesn't want to accept that a ferry exist there and keeps sending me via the Dover Ferry even if I change the setting to go via Harwich. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance


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    Hi, @rullfarm ,

    I'm guessing that it is simply calculating that the Dover Route takes a shorter amount of time, than via Harwich.

    Just as a Test, I went to the TomTom online Route Planner & asked for a route from Norwich (UK) to Montfoort Utrecht, (NL) - it did select the Harwich Route, but that was only shorter by 2mins. (NB:- The online Planner gives a choice of Routes, whereas the TomTom Sat-Nav only provides a single proposed Route).

    These are so similar that, a slight change of time/conditions could make Dover the preferred Route!

    Sorry, if I'm unable to provide a specific answer, but that's my "Best-Guess"!
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    Thank you EthoZ and John-Jay. Whist the former solved my problem (had never tried actually putting a point on the map before!), the latter mentioned the online route planner which is what I think I need to do next. I've done this route before several years ago and as I left the port in Holland was directed through a housing estate with narrow roads. Driving abroad for the first time and on my own I daren't ignore the instructions so pressed on and got through. This time I'm alone again but in a 7 metre motorhome which wouldn't do well down those roads. I want to find the 'proper' route before I go so I can ignore my sat nav with confidence or even set another drive via point on the way. Any tips gratefully received.
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    Oh, and John-Jay, I choose the Harwich route as I get to do the majority of the driving in the UK and once I get to Holland, I have a relatively short drive and no country borders to cross, plus a kip for 8 hours on the ferry :-)