iphone7 sena 10u rider 450 not working togther

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Bought a Rider 450 as it was supposed to be one of the best out there. Now regretting this as it keeps messing me about. I have a Sena 10U in my helmet which works well with my iphone 7 in that I can listen to music and receive phone calls. Great. I wanted a navigation deviceto work with this, and the sena 10u seems to allow this, but as soon as the rider connects, it holds the communication channel open as if I want to speak to it, and it takes calls and won't let me answer them. Is this a Sena Issue or a Tomtom issue?


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    It’s not easy to tell what’s the cause of various Bluetooth problems or behaviors... Every implementation is different, and of course there are bugs... So there are some combinations that work well and some others not. Total chaos...

    Most headsets give priority to the GPS. If they’ll resume back to music is a matter of the headset or the phone software... You may have to resume music manually. On Android there are some 3rd party apps that manage such things better than the phone OS...

    On the Rider side, most minor glitches are usually fixed with a drum roll reset. You may try it and see if that fixes anything.

    If that doesn’t fix it you may try to pair anything from the beginning:
    1. You remove all the pairings between Rider, iPhone, and headset (you may have to reset it)
    2. Reset the Rider
    3. Pair them again with the following order:
    4. Pair the Rider and headset
    5. Pair the phone to the Rider (for data & phone calls)
    6. Pair the phone to the headset (for music)
    Hopefully with that setup you’ll be ok but there are a lot of bugs with the hands free phone calls of the TomTom.