not all activities are downloaded from my watch to my pc

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A couple days ago, I had 4 new activities on my watch. I connected my watch as usual to the pc and the tomtom program started normal. I saw no abnormalities while processing. When I looked on the laptop, onely one activity (the last one) was transfered. 3 Were missing. I cannot find a solution to this problem.
When I connected the watch again, nothing happened. I have the latest version from the tomtom software, so that is not the problem.
The missing activities keep missing. On my watch there is a list from the last ten activities. The missing ones, are in this list. So my watch registrated those activities.
Can someone help me with this problem? This is the first time that this is happening. Its so annoyng!


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    To force MySports to reupload an activity you need to do the following:

    1. Exit MySports Connect on your computer (you must use a computer to reupload – right click on the tray icon and select Exit).
    2. Locate the ttbin files (if they are not there the activity is lost and not recoverable - what is on the watch is just summary data, all the detail is gone):

    The ttbins are saved in a dated folder for the date of the activity under C:\Users\{User Name}\TomTom MySports\{Watch Name}

    Apple Devices:
    a. Connect your iOS device to your computer and wait for iTunes to open.
    b. Select your iOS device in the iTunes sidebar.
    c. Select the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing.
    d. Select MySports.
    e. The ttbin files are listed on the right hand side.
    f. Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) a file to copy it and save it to your computer

    Android Devices:
    a. In Android, the ttbin files are stored on the internal SD in (/sdcard/TomTom_MySports/[serial number of watch]/workouts/uploaded/).
    b. Copy them to your computer

    3. Place the ttbin files in the serial number directory:
    Windows: C:\Users\[user name]\TomTom MySports\[serial number]
    Mac: [home dir]/TomTom Sports/[serial number]
    4. Restart MySports Connect and connect your watch
    5. Go the Settings page (click the gear icon on the top right) and press the 'Try again' button to re-upload the files.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    I found the missing files in a certain directory: C:\Users\ and so on
    There 's is no serialnumber it is called TomTom GPS watch.

    I am Dutsch so I have a little problem to read this carefully in English. You said, cpoy them to your computer. Where must I park the files? In what map or I don't know.

    I cannot find any ttbinfiles in my whole computer.