Map Support & Purchase for Smart 453 Media System

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I am a member of an online group of roughly 1,200 Smart 453 owners. Recently people have been posting that the Smart Media System is no longer support. This is a result of TomTom dropping support for pre- 2013 devices, which effects the R-Link, and therefor the Smart Media system as it is, more or less, a clone of the R-Link. Members are also refrencing the "Device Capability" section under any Map saying that TomTom has "stopped sales of map updates and other services for this model.", which is strange as the product serial pre-fix "IJ" for the Smart MS is the same for brand new 2108 Smart 453s still on the showroom floor (I checked).

We are getting conflicting information from TomTom Customer Service. Often Customer Service Reps says that maps must be purchased via Mercedes Benz, which MB refutes, and that "the only thing TomTom provide support for is the updates via MyDrive connect". This however, according to TomTom's website, is not correct. The product page for the Smart Media System says that MyDrive Connect should be use to "Update and purchase content and services : TomTom Maps, TomTom LIVE Services, voices.":

The page for the new Smart Media Connect states the same:

And both MyDrive Connect and the Smart Media Connect applications point users with expired maps to the TomTom store:
Simply put, we would like to understand: which models are affected, if any; what options are available to us, as we are talking about vehicles models 2 years or new potentially being affected.

Many thanks in advance!