Newbie Question -- Spark 3 HR Graph?

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This is a total newbie question -- if you're just going to flame or say something snide like "read the manual," please don't bother.

Where is the HR graph to be found for the Spark 3? I bought it because supposedly its HR monitoring is super accurate. I want to monitor my HR for workouts -- nothing more. I had a cheap little Huawei, and the HR graph was right in the iOS app itself. Easy to find -- I went to the given day, tapped whatever activity I had logged, and bingo, a HR graph popped right up.

As far as I can tell, there is no HR graph on the website, or on the SportsConnect computer app which syncs the watch with my computer. I have looked all through the awful, unintuitive Spark 3 iOS app and can't find anything even remotely resembling an HR graph. The closest thing is an all-day bar graph which supposedly tracks my "steps" (absolutely useless when doing circuit training/weights) or (even more useless) provides some unknown method for estimating how many kcal burned. However, since these bar graphs only measure by the whole day, and can't be zoomed or restricted, they are useless for tracking activity over the 60-90 minutes of my workout.

Can anyone help?


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    On your phone : open the app, click on an acitvity, then click on statistics (right below the map) and scroll down.
    On your computer : go to the mysports website, log in and click on an activity. At the bottom of your screen, below the map, you will see the graph (standard, it shows pace and heartbeat in one graph).