Bose Soundsport pairing issues

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I have the Runner3+music, with software version 1.7.64. Previously it worked fine with a pair of Jabra Pulse headphones. Recently I bought a pair of Bose Soundsport, but the watch won't connect to them...
I tried factory reset on the watch, moved away (15m) from all other BT units, as always; set the headphones on pairing mode before starting the search function on the watch.
Yet, every time I get the same message on the watch: "not found".
They (headphones) work fine when connecting to my iPhone.

Reading on the forum here, it looks like others have managed to connect the watch with Bose Soundsport.


  • MarcL
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    Hi Norwegian,

    Just curiuous, did you ever get the Bose Soundsport connected to your Runner 3 ?
    I'm considering buying the Bose Soundsport as my TomTom headphones died recently.
    Thanks Marc