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Once again 8 months have passed and ONCE again my strap has broken. Despite my BEST efforts to treat the strap with utmost care, it has snapped once again. Back in September 2017 I phoned the 0800 number and got an instant response and replacement. When my wife's strap broke (also after only 6months) I got the same speedy resolution. NOT SO THIS TIME AROUND. Its now a web based request (NO LONGER BY TELEPHONE) and the TomTOM response has been ABYSMAL. Nothing since I posted the request on 2 May 2018. I will certainly never support TomTom products again!!!


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    Hi TJOosthuizen,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Sorry to hear about you experinece. I've sent a heads-up to customer service about this delay, they will be able to investigate this further and get back to you.

    Thanks, lampard
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    I FINALLY received a response this morning (2 hours ago). It appears to be in the process. My suggestion would be that the first response email should simply state that it could take between 3-5 working days to resolve background issues. This simply puts it out there that we should not expect an instant response, as was the case with the 0800 call last year.



    PS: I have super glued my old straps into a usable state. :)