How do I turn off my TomTom adventurer when not wearing it?

Paolo Lanteri
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Very stupid question. When I take off my adventurer the lights of the sensors keep functioning and I would love to switch them of.
But Beyond that I cannot find a way to turn it off at all. Is it supposed to be like that?
Any help would be very appreciated.

Plus I do not have the mode option, to turn it into flight option, is that normal?


  • tfarabaugh
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    The sensors stay on when you take it off if you have activity tracking turned on as it is still looking for your 24/7 HR (on reading every 10 minutes. To turn it off you need to turn off activity tracking (Tracker>Off). there is no way to turn off the watch itself (at least on the watch - you can do it with a PC but need a PC to turn it back on) and there is no need to. With the tracker off it will last over a month in clock mode. Finally, they removed flight mode a long time ago, you juts turn off phone sync to get the same effect.

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