Install new ROM and have to download maps again...?

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I have a Nexus 6 using a custom ROM - I've tried several over the years. Tomtom works absolutely fine on all of them, but... every time I install a new version I have to download the map again (Europe, over 7GB) even though the map is still in my internal storage. I'm guessing that some sort of link is broken between the app and the map, but surely there is a way to make the new ROM recognise the existing map instead of starting from scratch - a great deal of inconvenience for me and also for Tomtom in having to unnecessarily feed the map again. As commented in another thread, at least two major GPS competitors don't have this problem, since they can see their existing maps.
Does anyone know how to make Tomtom recognise the existing map?
(If a Tomtom employee reads this, please do not tell me "We don't support custom ROMs." This is a cop-out - exactly the same question would apply if I reset the phone to a stock Android version.)


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    You rooted your Nexus 6 (not supported)
    And you know that.......

    You installed a custom ROM (not supported)
    And you know that......

    But you now put TomTom' app at fault for not working any more because it can not find the maps.

    So who's fault is that?? (Not TomTom) but yours knowing it might work or it might not work.

    If you want to root and add custom ROM you do that before you add any 3rd party apps.

    Not after the fact.

    That way you can test with the free version to see if it will work or not.


    Any std update to the Android ROM clearly states to backup everything before you start.
    Android is not at fault if something does not work and you have to reinstall that app or apps back again.....
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    That's a truly helpful answer. Thank you so much.

    Edit. A word of advice. If you don't know the answer, as you quite clearly do not, don't bother to waste your time in replying.
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    I know what I am talking about.

    There is no help for you from TomTom.

    You rooted and add a custom ROM.

    Mate you are on your own with it.

    Most if not all 3rd party apps will say the same thing when it comes to support.

    As for other GPS apps they come up with updates weekly.
    Because something did not work on an Android version or smartphone or tablet.
    What was working in one version get sometimes messed up in the next version.
    One even has 4 versions of the same GPS app.

    And as for the other GPS apps their map setup is completely different than that of TomTom.

    You can not move any maps on TomTom manually to an SD card it will not work.
    Or try to copy it over from one smartphone to another by just putting the SD card with the maps or maps on it.

    That will not work too.

    You have to down load it fresh if you want it to work on a new install.

    What is not supported is not supported they are not going to change and it is not a cop-out at all.
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    But he was not asking TomTom for support, he asked the question in this, a user to user forum, for the experiences of others. That seems not only apprpriate but the very point of this site.
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    @tgold - thank you for reading my question properly and understanding it instead of reading only the first sentence... :-)

    @Asprin264 - you might take a leaf out of tgold's book and try to help rather than just looking to increase your answer score.
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    @dahawthorne as far as I know there is something in the app that cannot “see” the maps when there are some changes in the system. Perhaps it has something to do with them trying to prevent illegal copies or unlicensed use of the app. It seemed logic that the licence protection was only in the app and that it could read the maps even if they were restored from anywhere. But, as far as I know, that is not the case.