Installing a memory card in my TomTom Go 930.

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When I purchased my GO 930 it came with maps of Europe and the United States.When I tried to update it,the maps of the US disappeared.I contacted TOMTOM and they made it possible to re install the US maps which I did,but this then removed the map of Europe from my device saying there was not enough room on the internal memory.Well there was when I purchased the device as both maps were on there.So I purchased a 16g memory card to give it more space.But it still will not let me download the map and update it.What am I doing wrong,I need urgent help as I have been trying for weeks to do this.

I will appreciate any help anyone can give Peter.


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    With a card inserted in the device (is the card formatted as FAT32? It should be.) then when you open Home with the 930 connected, it should ask whether you want to use internal or the sd card.

    Also, in Home, Manage my device (2nd screen) items on device-->maps, what shows?

    Items on Computer, maps, what shows there?