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New version??? GO mobile app- Android

fabiofi17fabiofi17 Posts: 47 [Renowned Trailblazer]
Do you know if a new android version is rolling out???

Right now is a LOT of time that android version is the same.
No news, no upgrade, no new feautures, it is a stalemate from years and years.....tontom is the same gps program since 10 years....

Competitors FREE GPS programs (waze, maps, sygic) are increasing the graphic quality, the maps quality, the options quality etc....

Instead in Tomtom, at 2018, is still IMPOSSIBLE TO SCROLL the map in 3D the first TomTom one.....
To scroll the map in 3D mode must be the minimum for a gps phone app.

And we pay for this app......


  • Berty007Berty007 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Yes agree needs an update, desperately needs an option to avoid c or country roads, to many times its taken me down stupidly narrow lanes or zigzaged me through housing estates. I've paid for this to and it's not as good as other free options out there.
  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]

    You already have signed up to be a Beta tester.

    Hi fabiofi17

    Congratulations you have been selected... :D

    You should receive an invite from the team regarding the same.

    Cheers, Vikram

    and you answer

    Yes, i received an email from the staff.
    Thank you so much !

    So where is the problem now????
  • fabiofi17fabiofi17 Posts: 47 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    No, i am not a beta tester.

    I received an invitation by email, i filled the fields of a form, but i never received a confirm by tomtom.

    However, beta tester or not, this App need a lot of improvements.

    I love tomtom, i use tomtom since the first tomtom one, but i noticed that TomTom App is in a stalemate.
    Never an upgrade, never an update, never new feautures, never graphic is blocked from a lot of the meanwhile, other gps free Apps improving.........
  • AsprinAsprin Posts: 271 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Maybe there is no beta version for you to test at this time.

    It could still be in Alpha testing and you would not be informed yet.

    But complaining about it does not help if they are going to let you beta test a new version.

    You just have to wait.
  • IanS100IanS100 Posts: 302 [Supreme Navigator]
    My guess is that TomTom simply aren't doing anything to develop this app so, no Alpha, no Beta, just the same old problematic GO
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