TomTom RIDER 550 power consumption?

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I am in the process of installing my new TomTom RIDER 550 on my motorcycle. To understand what my options are with regard to the electrical installation I need to know how much power the unit typically consumes. I have perused both the web site and the user documentation without finding this specification.


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    As this is such a new device, you will be better of contacting Customer Services and hopefully they have the technical details, or can find it out for you.

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    Have you seen the indication on the USB plug?
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    You can find the power needs on the back of the connector (so the adapter where you slide in your TomTom. For my it showed me the voltage and amperage.

    So the car holder shows (from top of my head) 5v and the bike one: 12v.
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    Not a great deal a 12V 2amp fused feed will be sufficient, recommend through a switched supply the motorcycle mount steps the power down to 5V if on a permanent live feed then it will draw power all the time

    Hope this helps
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    i have seen till now, that most / all are fused with 2amp. internal and/ or external.
    not talking about your tomtom rider 550. but anyway its that low, it cant go wrong, for damaging you tomtom.

    12 volt powered mostly a dock with wires its fixed inside the dock.
    5 volt is as we know as using a phone charging. (fused inside or outside the plug.)

    I have notised they sell the dockes without a extra fuse because its fused inside.
    so i fused it outside en it was direct on the 12volt.