Difference in route planned on desktop computer & GO 5000

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I'm having ongoing problems with my 5000 taking me down tiny country lanes. I planned a short local route which I'm familiar with on the 5000 and using MyDrive on my desktop computer. The computer generated one correctly sent me on B & A roads while the 5000 planned a shortcut down a tiny lane with no passing places! To make matters worse I sent the computer generated route to the device, which it acknowledged as a new route, only to find that it ignored the correct "A" road and substituted it's impassable lane instead! I have the 5000 set to avoid unpaved roads. Can anyone shed any light on this as I did a trip the other day in unfamiliar territory and ended up down a single track road. Many thanks.


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    sorry to say that this has been a on going issue for years now. There is no point asking TT as they have just taken the route of ignoring this problem.
    have a search how to avoid narrow road and you will find hundreds of post from really fed up users.

    as I have said there won't be an answer or solution, for example look at the poi issue which they have made a total balls up of trying to fixit.

    if it's not broken don't fix it, is a statement TT don't understand or believe in.
    when my present TT packs in I won't be getting another.???