Average speed camera pm the GO mobile app- Android

Bobby v
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I use the app v115.1 on my Nexus 5 and since the last update it no longer tells me my average speed in a average speed zone, it just tells me I am in one.


  • Asprin
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    @Bobby v,

    Is this a typo error?
    Did you mean version v1.17.1 ??

    Plus this goes for everyone who posts problems.

    Details Details

    Did this just start happening?
    Does this happen all the time?
    What version Android are we talking about?
    What smartphone are we talking about?
    Did you have a recent update to Android?
    Are you running other apps at the sometime?
    What are the other apps you are running while TomTomGO is in use.
    Are you connect via Bluetooth or by cable?
    Or just the phone by it's self??

    Did you root your phone?
    If so not supported!!!!
    Are you trying to run TomTomGo on a car radio?
    Not supported!!!!!!

    I would think the TomTom team needs a complete picture of what is going on and not have to ask for all this info after the fact.

    The more details the better.......:nerd: for you and TomTom.

    Have you contacted support?