Naming stops / waypoints on Rider 400

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Like many others in this forum, I've been frustrated by a big step back TomTom took with the 400 series: you can no longer give waypoints custom names.

Concretely, on the older TomToms, when I was planning a route using Tyre, the custom names I gave my waypoints in Tyre were displayed and editable on the device. Now, the waypoints I create only display the default (and often odd) names that TomTom wants.

Does anyone have an idea whether this feature is going to be brought back at some point?


  • TheMapper
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    Hi DimRob,

    I'm sorry if I'm going to discourage you, but I raised the same issue 1 year ago...

    As for many (almost every) other issues raised by customers, it simply looks like TomTom doesn't care at all.

    They decided long time ago what we need, and we just have to be glad and thankful.
  • ztech6
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    It was a very useful feature on the older devices and sadly I've not found a way to do it on my 420. Maybe we should all raise a request !
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    That was a great feature that was available on older units.

    Not sure why it was removed and surely it shouldn't be that difficult to add.

    Well Garmin seems to have it, that might be the way to go.