Lifetime updates after map upgrade

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How will will lifetime updates to my UK and Ireland map be affected if I purchase a Map of Europe with limited number of updates?


  • Niall
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    The purchase of a rest of Europe subscription does not affect your UK & ROI lifetime subscription. During the life of the Europe subscription you will be offered both to download, then at the end of the Europe subscription you will still be offered the UK & ROI maps
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    @Phillipiles , just to add to the valid @Niall :-

    No doubt, in typical TomTom fashion, you will get "reminders" to renew BOTH - obviously just ignore the UK/ROI reminders.

    Although, just in case TomTom gets in wrong, keep an eye on the availability of the Lifteime UK/ROI Map Subscription &, if necessary, give TomTom support a call!