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I spent an entire afternoon going around in circles like a dog trying to catch its tail & got absolutely nowhere!!! I am trying to connect my device to my computer to update the damn thing, I don't know which device I have, all I know is that its a TomTom Live. Working from the get started screen I have to pick my device from a drop down (120/125/etc.) Trouble is, I just don't know, that's what I need help with. The instruction on how to check refers me to a barcode on the device. I've checked my device: top/bottom/sides/inside & bloody out, & there is no freakin' barcode. So please, help me before I take a hammer to the thing & smash it to pieces!!!


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    Hi surenm

    Welcome to the community :)

    After reviewing your account I see that you have a VIA LIVE 125 device, which can be updated using MyDrive Connect. You can download the latest version here

    The current map(Southern Africa) v8.80 which is quite old.

    If you want to update the map on the device then you can purchase a subscription on our webshop

    ** Maps ordered online/webshop will be offered for a download in MyDrive Connect **

    Vikram :)