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internal Battery failure affects the entire unit!!

promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
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having charged the unit for 24 hrs and more it showed the battery as full on screen ...the unit is fully uptodate ..but then when mounted to powered tomtom mount in car it started going on and off erratically ... always the long white bar taking forever to run each time it dained to reappear

eventually i noticed a snap view of an orange outline battery on a black screen orange

i phoned customer services to be told the orange battery meant it was broken and useless ...this after less than 3 years and i'd have to send it to Lithuania to have the battery changed for the princely sum of £80 ...and would take about a week!!?

here is information you will never find anywhere else already

'my drive' [updated] user information fails to load ...'info not found'

today trying to use the tomtom go [paid for app on my phone] it said app loading and it never loaded on 4g ...

it eventually loaded on wifi!??

is it me or is it coincidence i hadn't paid to renew the speed cameras the day this stated happening

i'm staggered the rider 400 will not work effectively without it's internal battery ...that's never was mounted today and only once in 140 miles did it show full info for 5 minutes before switching off/on screen on for varies lengths of time to have it come on fail and go black screen again [power running from same tomtom adapter that was running google maps effectively [thankfully] for free

so in effect it is trash now until the £80 is paid ... ransomed it seems

i paid 280 pounds from motolegend for this less than 3 years ago

i'm seriously not pleased with tomtom now

can i buy the battery and fit it myself's out of warranty and any care now anyway ...

it's about time some truths were given ....


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,073
    To eliminate a charging fault with the bike mount

    Have you tried charging the device using the micro USB port on the device
    5 Volt 1.2 Amp

  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    yes i've used the official lead to charge it there .... for many hrs and it shows the battery as charged fully in the settings white icons line ...but failed when it came off charge

    it still fails to even start now AFTER BEING CONNECTED TO MY DRIVE CONNECT FOR HOURS ON MY PC?

    then the huge orange battery icon eventually arrived and disappeared hours after try to make it work

    no mention of this icon in any tomtom literature .... only customer support told me what it meant ... which again i find troubles me now

    why would anyone spend yet another£300 rider to have it break in under 3 years

    i'm giving tomtom an opportunity to explain themselves here first
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,073
    This is a user Forum overseen by Tomtom where users help each other

    For Tomtom Support
    :flag_gb: United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    I've had my Rider 400 from the launch day of the new Rider Range and not suffered from battery problems

    Try Ebay....
    BUT.... Only claims 2hrs use ???

    Tomtom Rider 400 spec claim 5Hrs use

    I can't find any stripdown info/videos, don't forget these are supposed to to be waterproof there may be special seals to contend with ???

  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    hi YamFazMan ...thank you for the input

    yup used the customer services number .... who gave me the news about the orange battery icon ...lithuania and £80

    i'm not paying £80 to find that's the only warranted part, and it fails for another reason

    on that subject i've learnt you wont get your original unit back unless you ask for it back specifically...they would send a refurbed unit... asking for your own back, will delay it's return another 2 weeks

    ive lost trust ... my rider 400 is only fit for the bin now... it fails to work with power from a tomtom usb source, mounted on a tomtom car mount ... black screen and an occasional attempt to come into life, before yet another black screen

    i would have put up with the long start lag but to find it fails to work because an internal battery has failed is beyond ridiculous

    i might as well attempt to break into it and find the battery one and see what happens

    i'll share that process in pics

    tomtom reps do come her as i saw the oceania map issue given by one not so long ago

    i'd like to hear what they think of my situation
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,073
    What is the charge level of the battery showing ???

    The best way to check your true battery charge state
    Have the device plugged into a power supply
    Press and hold the on/off button until you hear a drum-roll sound, then continue to hold the on/off button Until the black and white text screen appears
    The battery status is towards the bottom of the list
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    ok interesting .. attached the official lead and usb to the pc

    got the data page open and its showing 48% going up ... now 51% charging around 3570 mV
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    ill see if it gets to full first

    as mentioned previously i had charged to full on the top small battery icon line

    then this large orange battery appeared twice in total quickly and and was told the battery was dead

    otherwise ive no idea what is happening
  • 954dk954dk Posts: 306 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    The orange batteri doesn't necessarily equal a defective battery IRL. When looking at the numerous bugs, It might as well be a software or hardware fault elsewhere.

    I'm excited to see, if you're able charge your device now or eventually after a total reset :)
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    so update ..... it got to 100% on the white text page .... charging at somewhere over 400mV ...was that a sign ...well no

    so it's charged then ...well no .... the moment i took the my drive connect lead out it fell to 1 to 3% on the text page !?

    trying to get to the 1-2-3 reboot spinning disc when the power lead is meant to be put in to re programme the device is just not possible

    it never went there ... the screen just flashed and spluttered sometimes, showed the orange battery icon on the black screen, ....then nothing

    time after time the the software battery indicator is faulty on the small white icon [not seen that this time]? and on the spec white text page?

    it refuses to power up the white bar line that appears after the drums starts then goes 'sod it' and back to black screen ...i was doing that travelling with power from the car tomtom mount yesterday...and still this constant spluttering back to black screen

    so i can't reboot the device and the battery is what?

    i'm trying i am ... but really this is now a farce
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    i'm thinking a bug ...but i'll never know that until i can either reboot it or tomtom techs take an interest ...and on that i'm not holding my breath
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    thanks guys for trying to help much appreciated
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    oh i should add the first thing to disappear was the sleep shut down window...that suddenly vanished completely from the screen when switching off ....

    it would then only do the drums and long white bar trying to run and fail and keep doing that until it suddenly went black screen
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,073
    promomast wrote:
    so update ..... it got to 100% on the white text page .... charging at somewhere over 400mV ...was that a sign ...well no
    400mV is that a typo
    My Rider 400 shows... battery Charge Level 100% (4112 mV)

  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    yup sorry typo missed a zero there

    around 4000mV at 100% it said

    took the power lead off and a few mintues later its reading around 3% ?

    no idea whats going on now
  • 954dk954dk Posts: 306 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    If yoy're able to do a complete reset with the power lead plugged in and a complete reset 'n restore doesn't help, take a look here buddy:

    I bet they'll help you, if you write 'em :)

    Battery Replacement TomTom Rider 400
    The battery not holding charge problem is very common on all TomToms. If you have a TomTom for more than 2-3 years and the battery life is very poor and doesn't last more than 15 minutes on a full charge, then the battery inside it is faulty.
    Use this mail in service to Battery Replacement Service for

    TomTom Rider 400 4GE40
    This is how the service works:
    • Pick a service you need.
    • After completing payment at the checkout you will receive a confirmation email with the invoice.
    • Please mention the payment method in your order form.
    • Place Tomtom together with printed invoice or order number into a box or a jiffy bag.
    • Use the address provided by invoice.
    • Please only send the Tomtom unit itself unless you need an inspection of other equipment, too.
    • Postage is charged by the weight. We recommend using signed for or special delivery to ensure safe delivery.
    • After receiving your device we will try our best to repair it.
    • If there is a different or extra service needed we will inform you via email.
    • Extra charges may apply.
    • Then a rework is required and you will get new invoice with payment link via email.
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    How much does it cost?
    The cost to Repair your tomtom by post is the total amount on your order form which includes cost of returning your tomtom to you via Special or First class recorded delivery back to your door !!!
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    How long does it take?
    Our turn around time for Repairing is QUICK !!! We repair your tomtom within 5 days after it arrives to us and in many cases we will repair it the same day it arrives and post it back to you the same day too!
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    What if my tomtom cannot be repaired?
    We have very good in-house engineers who have a very high success rate of repairing tomtom's. Although sometimes there may be more damage than expected, or the tomtom may be damaged beyond repair. If this is the case and we cannot repair the tomtom, we will return your tomtom to you and refund any payment made to us. If the tomtom can be repaired but needs more parts to do the job, our engineers will call you first to explain this before any work is carried out.
    SatNav Specialist Ltd.
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    Malt Store Annexe
    The Cut, New Cut
    IP19 8BY
    Tel: 01986 872 974
    After we receive your tomtom, we will get to work on it right away. Once repaired we will return your tomtom to you via royal mail. We will also email you with your tracking number.

  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    so with no help from tomtom .. not that i expected any frankly

    great product ... lousy money grabbing company

    i went with satnav specialists ltd in ipswich

    they are truly awesome

    and thank you maria ... great communication and my tomtom returned special post in a lovely box

    i recommend everyone use them

    seriously dont bother ringing tomtom customer services

    the end
  • promomastpromomast Posts: 13 [Outstanding Explorer]
    and thank you 954dk ... great recommendation

    oh no more dull rattle noise in my tomtom
  • peter354peter354 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    well that looks as it answers my problem posted today 20 June 2019 about a second hand tom tom not starting first return as faulty the tom-tom bought from ebay .and 2 not buy a tom tom again
  • Arctic-FoxArctic-Fox Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    anyone finally found a replacement battery yet?
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
    Battery is a VF3W a duch user posted that the 1/3 capacity VF3A also works off course with a shorter battery live.


    Video how to open Rider and replace battery (and screen)

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