Adventurer glass material

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is there any information available about which kind of glass material is used for the Adventurer? Somewhere I read Gorilla glass from Corning, but I don't really believe it - even if it is a mineral glass, I have doubts about the chemically strengthened aluminosilicate. Or is it a plastic type?

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    It is some form of plastic, not Gorilla Glass. I have had no issues with it but bear in mind they do not offer a glass repair service and it is not covered by warranty. I would take care with your buying decision considering TT has left the wearables market and is not producing any new devices (and never even released the Adventurer in the US), I would assume at this point any updates will be limited to bug fixes. I would not expect much more development so what you get in the box will likely be all there is. There are also major connectivity and battery drain issues that have not been resolved in over six months. You may want to go with another brand from a company that is actively in the sports watch market and intends to continue producing and supporting devices.

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    Glass is very weak. I broke mine I even do not know when during 1st day of trekking in mountains. Watch is not designed as it suppose to be. Buy extra protection glass otherwise you will be asked by Tomtom for 95€ for fixing watch like me :-(.