How to change the language on the Adventurer

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I just got a watch: TomTom adventurer. I have downloaded TomTom Sports Connect to my computer and connected my watch. I have also made a profile on TomTom's page where i have chosen my language. I can not seem to find another place to choose language than on my home page at
When I disconnect my watch from my computer to use it the menu is on chinese i think. How do I change this?


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    Found it with some clicking
  • Tähtimoottori
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    I have same problem. how i can fix it?
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    Hi @Tähtimoottori

    Welcome to the community!

    When you are on the screen which shows the time

    1. Press down on the square control button and scroll down to the 8th option which is PROFILE
    2. Press right on the square control button(The first selection here is LANGUAGE)
    3. Press right again and you will see the list of available languages. Scroll(up and down) until you find ENGLISH.