Golfer 2 watch - score on phone doesn't match what is synced to phone/app

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First of all i am at the point where i will be selling the watch and buying a Garmin s20 unless there is a fix. This would be a real shame as i think the Tomtom golfer2 has the best overall design with the control square.


My scores on my watch are accurate because i check after every hole however once the round is finished the sync to my phone seems to drop shots competely and give me a flattering score.

I played Gleneagles Centenary yesterday and shot a 44 over par score (horrible i know! im a beginner) but when i synced it to app on my Android phone it cam in as 9 over par.

When analysing the holes on both the app and watch they are completely different!

What is the fix here?


  • MrT0mB
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    yep, does this on mine, missed loads of putts. score on watch is 100%

    I'm done though, watch is going on ebay and saving up for the garmin S60
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    Have the same issue!
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    Same issue here. Such a waste of money!
  • simonlee123
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    support seems terrible too! this was the last throw of the dice to get some support on here by TOMTOM direct...

    its going on ebay!