TomTom GO 510 won't get recongnized by desktop ?

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Dear Supports

I have got TomTom GO 510 , it is origin USB cable got damaged instead I am using genuine smasung galaxy micro USB cable.

Battery of it doesn't hold any charge but when I use Samsung galaxy cable GPS turns on means cable is able to charge the GPS but when I try to update software version

Dashboard above showing TOMTOM in not connected while it is connected

Changed USB ports on the desktop , changed micro USB cable , reset device but no avail

Could the issue be because i am not using origin tomtom usb cable ?

Any other troubeshoot should I conduct ?



  • dhn
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    Could very well be the cable causing the problem. Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds. (I know you said you did so but try again).

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    (They may be able to provide you with an original cable)
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    Thanks for that
    I did try another reset but still no joy