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Mapshare report rejected - why?

BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
edited January 2019 in Map quality
I reported a new mini roundabout, missing off the TomTom maps, but it has been rejected. Can anyone tell me why? Is there a minimum size that a roundabout has to be before it is accepted?303db6f0-5dd2-4e4b-935a-9edbb033cdfe.jpga51dd597-07ff-4fff-a7c6-73237fed67ff.jpg


  • miketorcymiketorcy Posts: 3,534
    Don't worry, that the same for me, some report that i have made are ununderstandly rejected; like you on an other topic, i put some photos for nothing!
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Sort of makes the whole idea of reporting errors a pointless exercise then. I don't think I'll bother in future.
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