Change the order of Current Route menu (and all menus)

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is it possible to charge the current route menu order?

I would really like to put add stop to route at the top.

Even better to have ‘favourite’ options like this at the top of the root menu.

I think I remember there use to be an option to customise the menus?


  • [Gelöschter Benutzer]
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    In the Android version:
    Press and hold the menu button.

    3bd22112-dee9-467c-8fb3-482919f15d15.jpgI guess it's not available in the iPhone version.
  • Joewa
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    You're right that doesn't work in the iOs version.
  • DavidQPR
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    Go is not a patch on the original app. With the speed of development from the rookie developers it’s not likely to ever get anywhere near it
  • badvibes
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    Yes. The menus aren't as good as the original app on iOS. The badges are too big, so there are fewer items in a menu. Also - not only was it possible to change the order of the menu items in the original app, but one could hide items not needed.
    Rearranging the order would be particularly useful in My Places - where the most needed destinations are at the top - as it was in the original app