Multisport LOSS OF CONNECTION DURING PAUSE cadence & HR sensor

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I have recently experienced the situation where I stopped and moved away from the bike (I took a coffee at the bar) for no more than 15 minutes and then resume the activity, the device to loses connection to:
  1. Cadence Sensor and Heart Rate Strap around my chest.
I don't know how to "wake-up" the sensor
The cadence and heart rate values remain "frozen" with the last remaining measured value for heart rate is displayed on the Multisport screen for the remainder of the activity. Cadence just shows 0 rpm for the rest of the activity.

1. Has anyone had any similar connectivity issues where the sensors connect BUT then disconnected after a pause? Any hacks/solutions perhaps?
2. Has anyone tried anything to remedy this? Factory reset?
3.Should I stop taking coffee when I ride a bike? or do I have to bring her bike inside the bar :-)?

Thank you greatly in advance.


  • Ilanman
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    I’ve been having the exact same issue recently, even when pausing for a few minutes and staying with my bike/sensors. As long as I keep going, all seems fine. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a solution yet.

    Would be great is someone knows a fix.
  • Nino71
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    I have also almost the same problem, but only for cadence sensor, Sometimes it doesn't start at all, sometimes after an auto-pause. Someone has a clue?