Premium Voices - why the diminishing number of choices?

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Why have so many premium voices (the ones users pay for) disappeared?
This is what was available 4 years ago
(taken from a topic I started 14/09/2014)

Only half of them are now available and there have been no new ones !!
Also all French and Dutch voices have disappeared.
What is the future?


  • VikramK
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    Hi Niall

    The offer of voices is based on the demand from customers. Depending on the year on year trends and stats we just have to adapt our offers based on customers demand.

    If a customer has already purchased a voice then it should be available on his account for download, if not they can contact customer service and get it reactivated.

    Voices are part of services and non-transferable but we try to be more lenient and give it away when asked for.