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Rider 450: How to avoid a closed/blocked road

speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I had not a very nice experience with my TT Rider 450. The main road was closed for couple of kilometers and GPS let me knew about that, thats nice BUT it still was showing the route through the blocked road abd even after I've tried to find a way around it still continue to drag me into main blocked road.

Is it me that should read manual better or this simple functional is not available in TT Rider 450?

How to avoid traffic jams, blocked roads etc.?


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,860

    Looks like you have to do something positive for your rider to change route.

    See pages 48 and 49 of the manual
  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 753
    In the user manual, see: Avoiding a blocked road

    And: Changing your route in general. (I guess the same pages that Niall suggested...)

    As you'll see it will not offer to replan your route automatically unlike TomTom Traffic... It needs your feedback.
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks guys for a fast replies. I can't remember all the features :)

    Funny enough, if I plan that road from my home w/o telephone connection (telephone to airplane mode) - GPS creates a road using that blocked road (thats fine as it doesn't know that road is blocked), then I connect it to telephone - and gps recreates route to avoid blocked road self. Now I'm puzzled why it haven't worked yesterday.
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi again dear community :) So I have experemented even more with that blocked road close to my house :)

    So here my problem:

    #1 I've created a route and you could see that my destination points are far away from the closed road
    #2 I've sent this road to my TT Rider 450 and started driving
    #3 When I've reached closed road it showed to me that road is closed but I couldn't get the menu with options, see screenshot
    Whatever I did I couldn't get the menu out.

    So I think that If I'm following track, it can't avoid a blocked road. I've cleared my track, and create a new route directly to my final destination and tomtom have built a route around that blocked road.
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    This is one of the drawbacks of the GPX format routes (Tracks), they are designed to follow the planned route come what may. I always use ITN Routes which will avoid road closures unless you have a waypoint right in the middle of a road closure in which case it will tell you "No Route Possible" and then you can re-plan.
  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 753
    To be precise, the GPX file format supports everything, waypoints (POIS), tracks AND routes but TomTom uses it for tracks only. I guess a silly business decision.

    @speedster.max, definitely you’are using a track. It’s dummy as it should be, and ignores all of the routing settings, and live road traffic data...
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you for replies.

    Is there a way to upload a route from TomTom my Drive then? It's so silly that I use tomtom's software (not third party) and having this problems.
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    Yes there is. If you upload a GPX file to MyDrive you will see two routes one with T or Track preceding it and another with possibly Route preceding it.
    The route with T or Track is the GPX format the other can be transferred to the unit as an ITN file. Click on the route and a box will pop up click on finish route and from there you can "Send To Device". I leave the route in this state without actually finishing the route, if you continue to finish the route it becomes a GPX.
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    Just to add to my pevious reply. You can also plan a route in MyDrive and send it to the device, Send = ITN route Save = GPX track.
    I hope this helps.
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for advice @raeindeer I'll try that in the afternoon
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    You got me confused with someone else I am Rae Sewell not raeindeer, but you're welcome.
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Sorry mate. :) I've typed @rae and used autocomplete. Of course my thanks goes to you @raesewell
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    No worries :thumbsup_tone3:
  • speedster.maxspeedster.max Posts: 16 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Seems that I understood how it works, It also depends on type of the route - if it is fastest - you can send it to device as a route but if it is a thrill - only as a track. And now it is clear why is it can't avoid blocked road in a track, there are so many waypoints.

    But if I'm sending a route to my device seems it is not saved in my routes by default, I should explicitly save it.
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 152 [Revered Navigator]
    MyDrive sends it to the device then you have to give it a name and "Save To My Routes" it is saved as an .itn format route.
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