Connecting TomTom GO 60S to Andoid MyDrive - impossible

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I've got today a GO 60S from NewEgg - happy first 30min, extremely disappointed 2h later. I simply try to connect it to the MyDrive app - tried multiple Android devices from Android 4.2 t 6.0 - to no avail. The TomTom device scans for a couple of minutes and "no phone found". Same Android devices appear just fine when scanning for BlueTooth devices on a tablet.

A BlueTooth analyzer shows nothing from TomTom - probably is just scanning - unless for some reason its bluetooth receiver is broken.

The TomTom runs a slightly older navcore version 15 - I was told to update -but I've spent all day with MyDrive at 3% and 48h remaining while "Our servers are very busy, please retry" pops up every few minutes (Shame!!!) AND THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC RETRY - should I spend 48h just pressing "retry" every few minutes?

Extremely disappointed - please if anyone knows of a possible cause and solution for the GO 60S not discovering the MyDrive app on any Android device? Might the bluetooth be defective? Any way to test?


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    I am seeing the same error message about the servers are very busy, but I see this in My Drive Connect software on my Windows 10 laptop.

    I have been seeing this for over a month. I try connecting at different times of day to try to avoid any 'rush hours'. No change.

    I have reinstalled the app on the laptop with no change.


    I am signed into my TomTom Account, as I see my email at the top right of the app's window. I tried signing out and back in, but no change.
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    Same issue Go 60 wont connect to samsung s20 so frustrating any help any suggestion
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    Has anybody been successful in connecting their Samsung S20 to the Go 60? I wish I knew this before purchasing the device, the traffic control is my main reason and thought I was upgrading!