Updating maps with MyDrive is "mission impossible"

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Hi. Is there please a better way to update maps w/o getting very few minutes in MyDrive "Our servers are very busy, please press retry..."? It does not make sense.
I want to buy a new map - but it's monies thrown out the window with this MyDrive which does not do its job.

In "TomTom Services" MyDrive rarely shows "Activated" - most of the time is "Unavailable" although Network shows "connected".

TomTom guys - what's going on??? MyDrive is unusable - I can't spend nights clicking "retry" every few minutes.

I am again at 3% after 3 MyDrive-aborted updates today - one of them was showing 16% and 2h left - then poof, "sorry we cannot complete download". Now it says 48h remaining - I can't even cancel the download. Apparently I need to call support - which I did, explaining the issue - supposedly they should have known what to do. Spent all day on this - need the Europe map as I'm leaving in a few days - and can't download any map / any update.

I need an offline download of the map and software updates as for the older models and I believe I am not the only one complaining about MyDrive

Thanks for advising