Start 25 no maps found after trying to update

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I've had a Start 25 for 3 years and never had a problem updating the maps.
this time I updated the MyDrive, connected the device and started the process.
previously it downloaded and then updated but now seems to be trying to update all at once. it failed at 55% on the 1st 2 attempts and the latest 3 it stops at 83 and I persistently get 'no maps found' error.
I cleared the cache each time and soft reset the device before connecting but no joy.

When MyDrive connect is on the display constantly flicks about and it is hard to select specific items. I am mainly trying to update the western maps (lifetime maps purchased).

I saw someone said they were able to download and install separately, how do I this?


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    Anything here?: maps found

    If there are various items to download for your device (such as a map, application, gps file), you should be able to check or uncheck the boxes besides the items listed in order to signify which item to download.

    Support if needed:

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    The software wasn't allowing me to select so I've removed and reinstalled it (along with disabling anti virus and hard wiring internet access) and started attempt no6.
    It seems to be downloading now BUT says it will take 363 hours! Normally is about 1.