Rider 500 / 550 : how to use in a car?

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Do I need the TomTom car dock because speakers are integrated in the car dock? Or can I just use any universal mount?

Does the rider 550 have an integrated microphone?

If I use it in an older car without bluetooth, and connect it to a phone with bluetooth, can I use the Rider as a handsfree to take and make calls? Would I, for example, be able to shout "answer" when I receive a phone call, to answer it without taking my hands off the wheel?

If I use it in a car with bluetooth, can I play music from the car and get directions from the Rider played through the car speakers? Or would the car see the Rider as a "media source", so, if it plays directions from the Rider, it cannot play music from somehwere else (eg a USB stick)?


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    The 4XX and 5XX units have a built in speaker so you would get directions OK without anything else. The battery will last for several hours and in the car you could charge it from a standard USB.
    Not sure as it would fit in a universal stand these devices are quick chunky and heavy
    There is no mike on it so you could not use it without additional devices to answer in coming calls, If you already have BT built in on your car then that is probably a much better solution