Spark 3 stopped pairing with iPhone

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Hi, my spark 3 watch and iPhone have stopped pairing with each other after working for months with no issues, do you have any advice?

Software on phone is version 10.0.00
Software on watch is version 1.7.64


  • EVA_27
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    Is bluetooth on your iPhone turned on before opening the app? In that case, you might want to try turning of bluetooth, opening the app, activating bluetooth when prompted by the app and activating the watch (just push the button in no matter which direction). This works for me. When bluetooth is turned on before opening the app, my watch will connect to the phone, but the app will not recognize the connection.
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    It also may be the update has broken the BT connection, as it has for may users (1.7.64 was supposed to fix it but apparently has not completely). In this case you need to request a roll back to an earlier version at the post below:

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