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Should R-Link maps be in line with other Tomtom maps f.i. Carminat?

It is impossible to have that answer from Renault. In fact it is a very bad support.


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    Yes, the support is dreadful - that's what comes of handing electronic stuff like satnavs to spanners people!

    Unfortunately, the proprietary format of R-Link is such that the maps don't just drop in like with the Carminat - that was simple, just like TomTom for anything else, except that Home for Carminat had a nice pretty Renault logo.

    So new maps must be converted to the R-Link format before they are released to us and for some stupid reason they don't allocate enough resources to the conversion function, with the result that the "latest" R-Link map is always at least one version behind TomTom. They have this week just released v1000, the previous one, v995, was released in November! You will no doubt notice occasionally that on startup, the R-Link advises you to update your maps because they change all the time. Sadly, they don't update them all the time themselves!!! I'm perhaps wrongly assuming that Renault do the conversion, but if it's TomTom they should be ashamed of themselves for not providing the update service at the same time as they issue their own series. Interesting, that the new map UK&ROI this week is the normal price, £40, but I noticed Western Europe listed right next to it was only £25, so I bought that instead! If it was a mistake, tough! If you try (as I have done) to discuss the map versions with Renault they answer that the map versions are NOT the same as TomTom - ridiculous! Why do they follow the same numbering convention then, why not have a Renault series of numbers?

    This is what makes me angry. A built in satnav should be far better than a standalone device - no problems sticking it to the dashboard or windscreen, no worries about people breaking into the vehicle and stealing them, etc, etc. But the application of the technology is shockingly bad - for example, the controls are in the centre console - that places them some distance away for reaching from the driving seat AND in a right hand drive vehicle, it's a left-handed operation - when the majority of users are right handed. My touchscreen is set so deep into the dashboard that I need to release my seatbelt to even reach it, never mind worry about how accurately I can do it with my left hand! I fail to understand why they dropped the little remote control from the Carminat.

    My greatest source of puzzlement is that TomTom have sold built in satnavs to quite a number of vehicle manufacturers and every single one of them seem to have similar stupid problems - you can see it here and on other forums all the time. These could have been the next best thing since sliced bread, but as my old granny used to say, "Spoilt the ship for a ha'porth of tar". (Same applies to the latest PNDs).