Creating a Route Using Saved Locations

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When I am creating a route on Google Maps, I can use Saved Locations as easy destinations or waypoints just by clicking on them. Is it possible to do that using TomTom MyDrive and My Places? I've been trying to figure out how.

I'm participating in a motorcycle event called the Tour of Honor and I added all of the locations into MyDrive/My Places so I can create routes easier based on where I happen to be at the time. Once I added them (7 per state) I was going to use that to create a route to get to whichever ones I was near, or would be near. I quickly found that I couldn't add a saved place to a route unless I manually typed in the address.

Did I miss something? If not, can this be added as a feature to allow us to create routes easier? I used to use this on Google Maps quite a bit, but got tired of going thru areas with no cell/data, so moved to the TomTom GO app - and love it. This is the only thing I think it needs to be perfect for me.


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    Run the MyDriveWeb Route planner and Login
    (1)... Click on the MyPlaces Icon

    (2)... Scroll down find your required MyPlace
    (3)... Left Click on the required MyPlace... The map zooms in to the required MyPlace
    (4)... Right Click on the zoomed in MyPlace on the map (Blue Star)... A new menu opens
    (5)...Click on 'Use as a Starting point'

    For your destination... Repeat above from (1) to (4)... But when the new menu opens
    Click on 'Plan route'

    You can also add a Stop using the same method