waiting for delivery over 6 weeks and no answer from support

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How long need to wait to get a product from tomtom.com? I'm waiting for over 6 weeks already and contact with support team get me only suggestion to wait longer until they will find out what went wrong. I have tried to contact them few times after first response but it is another 10 days and no response at all.

great support! maybe someone could give me a direct phone number or other way how to get reach them.


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    Have you tried:-

    :flag_pl: Polska (Poland)
    +48 22 30 62 335
    Poniedziaek-Pitek 09:00-17:00
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    Thank you John_Jay.

    I've spoken with person on the phone but he said that he doesn't know what went wrong and later he send me an email that there was a problem with delivery address and ordered item were send back to Holland over month ago. But when I told him that it is not true because I never got a tracking number or any type of information. Then he send me another email that they will refund me a cost because they can not have this model anymore and can't send it to me.

    This company is a joke. Afer 7 weeks of waiting they offer me only refund. I asked to send me a newer model with same functions but they refused. I asked to speak to manager - they also refused and offer extra 20% off new watch but this is still a lot more that I've paid in first place. I asked to give me a contcact to someone from head office in Holland but they also refused.

    Is there any option to get what I've ordered? Can someone from TomTom take seriously what they offered? I paid on time and my side of contract was fulfilled. Tomtom refused to send me what they sold in first place.

    Could anyone send me a email contact to HO in Holland?
  • Niall
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    I have referred this to a TomTom staffer
  • MrT_van
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    Thank you Niall. Hope someone will contact me soon. Today I've received a mail from polish branch of Tomtom saying that they still going to only refund me a cost and this will take between 1 week and in some cases could take up to 6 weeks! I have no words for them.
  • VikramK
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    The ordered watch was dispatched on 1st of March 2018, and it was returned to our warehouse because of wrong address issue -as informed by our courier partners.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact watch model you ordered in stock and which was the reason the team raised a refund request.

    The customer service has informed that they can still offer you a discount on a purchase of a new watch which is currently available in stock.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused..