Rider 450 freezes

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Hi, I've just bought a Tom Tom Rider 450, to replace a Garmin Zumo 340LM as I had been told by people that they really liked the option to look for twisty routes.

When I get a new device I like to get to use it without being on the bike straight away, so that I wont be learning whilst riding.

I've noticed a few times that, when I try to select an option, like loading a route or directions to a POI, the unit seems to freeze and wont respond to any pressing of the screen.

I wonder if this is an issue with these units? I have updated the firmware to version 17.300.0018.311 (0) (12/10/2017), which seems quite old, but I used MyDrive to update it and that says it's up to date.

It seems to freeze most often after it's been switched off for a while. On powering it up, it asks if I want to use the memory card for maps or routes, and then seems to get into some sort of loop. When I switch it off and on again, and select Menu, it freezes again. After some fiddling about it seems to settle down.

I'll be trying it out in the car before I make the swap over from the Garmin, so will see if it does this when moving as well.

Is there another upgrade that I should be looking for? If it's going to keep freezing then I will be returning it to the seller for a refund.


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    Best advice I can give you is to return your device now and go back to Garmin.
    The List of issues with this device is extremely long and frustrating to most of us.
    Freezing screen is just one of the many irritating issues I have with my device.
    Sure seeing twisty roads are nice, but the issue with the voice guidance and water activating the screen makes the Rider a very useless device.

    Best of luck!
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    Switching off the screen auto orientation/rotation sometimes helps.
    I'm on my 4th Rider now. It's awfull and I wish, I newer bought one.

    As BelgiumRider400 suggests:
    Return your device and go back to your previous brand.
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    The same problems with my rider 450. I was already complaining here https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/rider-51/my-tomtom-rider-450-freezes-and-doesn-t-respond-1028072