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I am currently travelling through Central America, already been through Mexico. Tom Tom maps are a disaster.....who on earth did the mapping???

Before you ask my sat nav was bought brand new for this trip and all world maps up to date.

Is useless in the cities.....Acapulco and Guatemala.......sat nav telling to to turn the wrong way down one way streets......telling you to turn right or left where there is no access to a road etc etc

In Guatemala it was telling me to turn onto roads that were none existent.

Very unhappy......my sat nav is not to be trusted.....have resorted back to mapping the old fashioned way and using maps.me

Tom Tom you should be ashamed of yourselves. We buy these products trusting that you have the technology to map countries correctly.

Obviously not......has anybody from Tom Tom ever been to Central America???

Please explain how you have mapped these countries because it's incorrect.


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    What is most annoying is the total indifference that TomTom has towards its customers.

    Your post will not be taken into account, and eventually you will switch to Waze, or Gmaps, or Maps.me ... much more updated.

    There is also a map update system by the user, Map Share, but the updates arrive after 6 months (if all goes well)