Updated: No maps found START 20

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I have a Tomtom START 20, not sure what software I have. It kept telling me to update, whenever I turned it on. So, today I did. I connected it to my laptop and it updated. However, now it says 'Maps Not Found', I have followed the directions given to me, but nothing is working- the web page that it toke me to says to 're-install my map' but when I go to my account it says 'your device is up-to-date' and there is no where to click 're-install map'. The TomTom was a birthday present 4 years ago so I have never purchased any maps, but it came with I think the single map- does this ever run out or disappear?
How do I get my maps back? oh and I have tried to "contact' but the website can't find my device?