Not yet on phone! on the Speed cameras app

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Using a Samsung mobile with the Tomtom app which in the main tells one where cameras are. A very useful app!

I regularly click on the "Yes" or "No" button in answer to the question "Is the camera still there?"

I have come across a "yes" reply but wrong kind of cameras, for instance.......

The A616 just after A628 heading towards the M1 there used to be a static camera there at 40 MPH now we have average speed cameras still 40 MPH, how does one notify Tomtom about this?

There have been other situations where things have been changed but not certain how once passes this information to others.

I am guessing but folks cannot be correctly notified as of the current speed when it comes to (So called) Smart M/way cameras, they change as they see fit, or if the person in the control rooms needs a laugh. I am correct on this?