Postcode search issue on the START 52

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I bought TomTom start 52 but it doesn't recognise roads without names if you put in a postcodeand the road doesn't have a name it won't find it. Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help.


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    This is a long standing problem....
    The Postcode code search bug when using the latest Start devices is a real pain
    Any search for a Postcode... You have to enter a road/street name to execute a search ??? Why....
    If you know the road/street name and a house number you don't need the Postcode
    Most people use a Postcode because they don't know the road/street name and house number
    Isolated farms, Single building, Office blocks, Retail parks, Hospitals, New builds etc...
    For me it renders the latest Start device useless in the UK

    It's only the latest Start 42/52/62 Range that has this particular Step by Step search method

    All of the previous NAV4 Models and the remaining Models in the NAV5 Range... The Via and GO Range have both the "Quick search" and "Step by Step search" as menu options
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> Choose a search mode
    (1).... Quick Search (Default)
    (2)... Step by Step

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    I bought a Tomtom Start52 and had an issue with it not being able to find postcode destinations without a street I complained and changed it after the shop I bought if from phones Tomtom direct....anyway paid an extra £45 to upgrade to a Via52 after being told that system doesn’t have the same problem...... guess what it seemed to : after installing it on the laptop....anyway I played about with it and seem to have found the solution:
    go onto System then click on ’CHOOSE A SEARCH MODE’ you then have two choices select ‘QUICK SEARCH’
    I can now put in a Postcode that hasn’t got a streetname and it comes up with Unnamed road and you can now continue.

    annoyingly Tomtom and the shop couldn’t help me.
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    The start range is absolutely useless

    I threw mine out of the car in Sheffield town centre.. had me driving in circles because I couldn’t input a postcode..

    The start unit is like something from the early 80’s..

    It’s crap, and Tom Tom should never have launched it with this retrograde aspect..

    Sneaky play to get people to upgrade..