Speed Camera Purchase- Subscription query

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I've just purchased the start52 which comes with 3 months free speed camera updates and it is valid until 08-06-2018. If I pay for the 18 month contract would it be added to the 2 months I have left or would it just run from the date I purchased it?




  • Rubach
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    I believe TomTom will add that subscription to the length of your ongoing one so you have a total of 21 months subscription. But to be sure lets get this verified from a moderator or U could try calling your domestic TomTom Customer service. They should be able to give U the correct answer.

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    Thanks for the reply Rubach

    Nice bloke Rakesh messaged me and said yes it does add to the subscription, so I purchased the 18 month contract which I got for £12 and Rakesh kindly added more days to it.

    Thank you very much