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I have had TomTom since I bought my 2014 Mazda CX 5 in April of 2013. The software started out being very poor quality to begin with. Each and every software update has resulted in worse and worse performance of my TomTom. It is now to the point it will not recognize many addresses and zip codes when I drive any long distance. I have given up on this absolute disgusting piece-of-crap and now resort to using my iPhone. This company is an absolute rip-off. How do they stay in business. The latest update on my TomTom has resulted in it being even worse than pathetic!


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    Seems to me that buying a 2014 car in April 2013 you already have the capability to travel through time. Just travel back to April 2013 and you'll have the good system you started with!!!

    Seriously, it seems that in-car systems are the buzz word these days. But unfortunately the suppliers have not come up with anything truly worth installing, only the sales talk to sell them to the car manufacturers. I can't decide whether that is the fault of the supplier or the buyer.