Headset PackTalk connect problem pairing with the RIDER 400

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I can't connect PackTalk with TTR400. Both devices with the latest firmware. PactkTalk says that pairing is successful but TTR400 says that can`t connect with a headset. GPS reset doesn't help :-(


  • sirius002
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    Hi, i had the same problem. I solved it downgrading to 3.2FW and then upgrading to 4.0 again ;)
  • unpaved
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    I do have the identical issue - pairing is working but then it doesn't connect. Is downgrading and upgrading PT-FW the recommended solution of TT ?
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    Sorry to ask this question again but how do u pair both ur iPhone and rider 400 using the roller, and stop the problem it shows you paired but not connected??
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    Just updated both to the new firm ware and updates - had this issue a couple of years ago and can’t remember the solution cheers Ape
  • ChrisHall
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    I had this problem. I paired the iPhone to use the personal hotspot, then the headset. The Cardo would pair but not connect.
    I have it connected with the iPhone now. I *think* it failed because I attempted to connect the Cardo while the iPhone was also connected. I turned off the personal hotspot and the Cardo paired and connected.
  • JustinH
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    What helped for me is pairing my TomTom Rider 450 to the Cardo Packtalk Slim’s 1st slot as a GPS device. No matter what I tried or how often I tried it, pairing to the 2nd slot would yield the same results as OP described.
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