route delay calculation wrong on website

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I use the website quite often do check my delays. On several occasions I have noticed an error. Attached two examples of the last few weeks. The blue (route) line is showed, the delay is mentionned in the window but if I look at the summary the delay is less. how is that possible?





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    I don't know the answer to your question, but it would appear that the live traffic situation is not being used in the routes comparison, in which case, it is only showing you the difference between the three routes under similar conditions. I'm sure someone on this forum has the definitive answer to this. It doesn't make much sense does it, if indeed the traffic delays are not being factored in to the route summaries?
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    Seen the same thing lately. Not sure what's going on.
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    Hi Megalos

    Could you provide me with some examples of the start point and the destination? Also the time of the day?

    Unfortunately, I am unable to plan a route as shown above.

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    I also have had experience of this anomaly and reported it to Customer Services some time ago, but have yet to receive a reply; I hope the following illustration will help you understand the issue better.

    At about 11:30am today (6/4/2018) I plotted a route from Bow - East London E3 post code area to Bricket Wood – Hertfordshire – AL2 post Code area – UK and the route was generated as local roads > A12 > A406 > M1.

    The overall route was calculated by MyDrive as being 56 minutes including 40 seconds of traffic delay – yet the sum of the actual traffic delays denoted by the Red arrows amounted to 7 minutes 20 seconds.

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    At shortly after 11am today (24/7/2018) I plotted a route from the AL2 St.Albans area to E3 Bow East london on MyDrive (PC version) and the route was generated as M25 - M11 - A12 - local roads.


    MyDrive said the journey would take 51 minutes with NO TRAFFIC DELAY yet I noticed on the map that there was traffic on the M11 and on clicking on the tail end of the Red Arrow it said there was 2 3/4 miles of stationary traffic with an 18 minute delay...................see above screenshot. 

    Yet this delay was not reflected in the MyDrive route calculation :thinking:

    I then fired up my Go 6200 and it also said the journey would take the same time with no Traffic delays!

    Zooming in on the screen I could also see the same Traffic Delay on the M11 but as you will see from the screenshot whilst it also said there was 2 3/4 miles of stationary traffic there was no delay attributed...............................


    I then checked on other traffic providers including Traffic England which confirmed that ~ 20 minutes of traffic delays were present which was reinforced by looking at one of the cameras on the M11.


    It took approximately 45 minutes for the "physical traffic delay" to clear but MyDrive and my Go 6200 did not show any traffic delays in all that time. :thinking:


    Why is it that "physical traffic delays" are not recorded on either MyDRive or the Device (Go 6200 ) or where trafic delays are shown on MyDrive they are not recorded on the Go 6200 and that these delays are not reflected in the overall journey time ?? 

    I have reported this issue several times to Customer Services as far back as mid 2016 and again last August and was assured the product development team will come up with an update for this issue soon.................

    Can you please obtain the current status for this issue and advise a likely time table for its resolution - Thank you