TOM TOM buy off !.. should be a REFUND !

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I think that I have a right to be quite ANGRY........ I have a GO6200WiFi GPS that I purchased to assist as we traverse Australia in our frequent travels over THOUSANDS of kilometres... I bought this expensive unit as it had "all the bells and whistles with "LIFETIME FREE LIVE [feed] TRAFFIC AND SPEED CAMERA"features.. Now, because of a shutdown of the 2G network in Australia u]which was made known to the public some YEARS AGO[/u Tom Tom are effectively now saying "Stiff cheese" to Australians who bought this [and similar] GPS because Tom Tom never took action to avoid the shut down [by switching to 3G?] Tom Tom are virtually just saying "We'll just buy you off with a $100- IN STORE voucher that can only be used to buy another Tom Tom product... Oh, and by the way, Go6200WiFi users can connect to their mobile phones via BlueTooth to receive the data [AND USE UP YOUR MOBILE PHONE'S DATA$ and be charged for it instead !]"... I may as well have kept my old unit and not bought this expensive, now partially redundant unit.. FREE LIFETIME", seems to have been killed off with a very short life! without a whimper of support as NO alternative has even been suggested .. Ps. I would bet a dollar to a Euro that had this foreseeable problem happened in the major markets of Europe or USA, Tom Tom would have been right on top of it ... 


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    I bought a Tom Tom Go 6200 in December 2016 and it WAS a very good SatNav bought with a Tom Tom guarantee and promise of “Lifetime Tom Tom Services” (Live Traffic, Speed Cameras, etc) “out of the box”, “via a built in SIM” with “SIM & Data included”. There were no additional data charges to be paid to receive Live Traffic.
    Now, as we all know, the 2G network in Australia has been shut down. Tom Tom’s communication with customers “Unfortunately, our network operator decided to decommission the 2G network” feigns surprise at this news. I have since researched online and found a number of articles which state the inevitable shutdown of this network. Vodafone itself first announced the shutdown of their 2G network in September, 2016! As I bought my Go 6200 in December, 2016 Tom Tom and the retailer in Australia were knowingly selling a redundant product at a premium price and making false claims and advertising about its “lifetime” features.
    So now what? Well, I politely contacted the retailer online (JB HiFi) with this information, my dissatisfaction and my intention to take the matter further, if necessary, with consumer affairs. Without hesitation or Tom Tom style denials of responsibility, they willingly gave me a full refund of my purchase price. I thank them and respect them for doing the right thing and will not hesitate to continue buying products from JB HiFi. In comparison, Tom Tom is a company which I now consider to be dishonest and unethical in its business dealings. I will never buy another Tom Tom product and will relay my experiences to who people I know.
    This is the end of the matter for me. No further posts, no replies. I wish all who are involved in this fiasco good luck. Forget about trying to deal with Tom Tom. All they care about is their profit. Go to your retailer.