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Georgina Hainsby
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Hello can anyone advise I’m 51 and delighted to have a fitness age of 35 a couple of weeks ago.
However it is going up 36 38 and today 40 even though I’ve been exercising and regularly gaining stars and fitness points in the regions between 500 - 1800 3 times a week. VO2 is 35?


  • Momzy
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    Hello Georgina, I have the same problem as well. I was so proud of my fitness age like you at 33 and I am 57 years old. I also workout very hard and received this week for example from Monday until today, that is Saturday a star everyday. It told me yesterday if I get another star today I will get a streak. Well I got another star today and no difference or streak. I have posted asking about the streak and also about my fitness points going as my age is everyday a year or two older. I am suddenly today fitness age at 42 even though I have improved so much that I get a star everyday now. I hope someone replies soon to our questions.
  • tfarabaugh
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    I honestly don't feel you can make any judgments from what it is telling you in terms of fitness points or fitness age. It only uses runs or cycles to calculate points and while it does refine its readings over time but it seems to be a random, capricious measure that ties to very little. It is based on whatever algorithm TT came up with, which is different than what Garmin uses or Strava uses, or anyone else. Ultimately I don't expect a watch to be able to tell me how fit I am.
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    So, is anyone getting fitness age to work at all? If so, how?

    Also, it does give stars and calculate points on freestyle, and freestyle can be used swimming for kickboard and it accurately calculates laps and heart rate for kickboard...but can't get anything on fitness age after 2 weeks...
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    I don't know about fitness age (because mine is usually on 20). The VO2 max I get from the watch is fairly consistent with my achievements in general.
    From what I found out using 'running' mode is that you don't need any high fitness points to get a better VO2 max.
    It seems to me that high fitness points indicate merely that the measured heart rates are high.

    What I did to achieve a really good VO2max was to train according to a well balanced training schedule, so not by just training in high heart rate zones.
    In fact high fitness points could even indicate that you're overtraining and your condition is more or less deteriorating because of that.
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    Hello Georgina. I've had the same problem for about a month. I am 56 years old and in the last 30 days I have done 23 training sessions in the "improvement" areas (between 500 and 1600 points). Although the software says I'm improving the fitnees age, the age fitness chart is that of the Vo2 instead tend to go up. I think the program is completely unreliable and I am very disappointed.