Strange Routes with Go 920

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I updated my Go920 to the latest map offered a couple of weeks ago.
This week I had occasion to visit Fort Smith, AR starting from Shreveport LA.

After coming of i49 and joining i30 at Texarkana, my Go920 studiously ignored that fact that i49 continued around Texarkana and eventually joins Highway 71 at N. State Line Ave.

It did the same on the return trip but I saw the on ramp for i49(S) and took it from there all the way to its end at Highway 1, Shreveport.

Took nearly 40 off the journey time and avoided the painfully slow, and narrow, Highway 71.

I guess the question is; why did i49 get suggested by the Go920



  • dhn
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    To confirm, you have version 1005 of the USA map installed? And what are your planning preferences for routes? Fastest? Shortest? etc.

    And do you have IQ routing active?
  • mrmac
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    Map version is 1005.8764 .

    Not sure how to determine if IQ routing is active or not.

    Had a problem finding the Map version. Is there an easy way?

    Fastest, Shortest, Prettyist. It made no difference