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Apparently my CARMINAT SIM has been permanently disabled. It would seem this has been unilaterally authorised by TomTom without warning. This seems to me to be a wanton act of vandalism, crippling a unit for which a premium was paid and rendering it unfit for purpose (receipt of LIVE traffic and associated services). Surely Tomtom are fully liable for repairing/replacing the unit to its' original specification...



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    Posting policies on a website doesn't make it legal, especially when they're invented post purchase. If Pirelli decided they should burst your tyres after three years, would you accept that? In fact, it's more like ransomware than anything else. If you don't buy a subscription from us we're going to permanently screw up your machine. If this range of devices were end of life as a whole, then you could maybe understand since they would be blanket disabled. Targeted disabling, that's something different.
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    So it's well over three years ago since you last wanted to use Live services. And suddenly you want to revive them? Round here, if nobody uses the bus service, the company stops running them. A local road has been unused for so long it has become completely overgrown, so nobody can use it now and it shouldn't matter - use it or lose it! It does say "All other navigation features will continue to work normally", so your machine has not been permanently screwed up.

    Did you contact Customer Care as advised on that site?